Saturday, April 25, 2015

Salt and Steel - Shooting Chevy at Bonneville

I love shooting cars, maybe because they don't talk back and always do what I ask of
them. Or at least they do when we're hanging out together in the right location.
A location that, preferably, has clear and low horizons so nothing can show up in the beautiful
and sensuous painted panels, disrupting the beautiful lines that have been designed so
carefully and meticulously into each respective model year of each respective
model for each respective manufacturer.

I've shot cars in many types of locations, but the low and clean horizon is my preference. It makes
for much less retouching. Much less time in front of a computer monitor.

The Bonneville Salt Flats offer a perfect combination of high key back drop and nothing for
miles and miles to antagonize me...and the smooth shining paint job.

Just wait and let mother nature do her work

Please feel free to click the images to view them larger.

Smooth and sexy !