Thursday, May 25, 2017

Forever Young

Crossfit Dreams

I had my direction, but was given some creative license on this assignment for a small crossfit training gym offering precise and tailored fitness programs to a dedicated few. We shot during two 3 hour sessions with both instructors and clients and wanted to portray precise or technical body positions for social media and web usages. I wanted to end up something unusual and artistic. The gym is a very small area with not an inch of wasted space and very industrial. I knew we would be repeating the background elements in each shot so one of my primary challenges would be to change things up in the far field as much as possible. I spent the first hour of the first session standardizing my lighting so I would be able to move fairly quickly thereafter, maintaining a fairly consistent look throughout the project. The low-key setting with a "black on black" palette complemented the flesh-tones of the models nicely with the lighting scheme we settled on. All of the lights were set very close to the edge of the frame intentionally to cause the subtle flare in most of the shots. Once we got our cadence, the shoot moved quickly. There was a bit of post in these images, but it's important to note how important it is to get it right in the original file. The quarters were so tight that I actually had to have a light stand digitally removed from several of the images. The client is happy with the outcome and so am I. 

What do you think ?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ride Cool

Skate Park Dedication

The power of friendships made among teen boys will carry forward through the decades into their adult lives, teaching skills of trust, loyalty, and compromise. These friendships will advance forward, some fading and some enduring, setting guidelines, standards, and expectations for all future relationships, whether personal or in business. It was very interesting to observe the closeness and deference of these six 12-14 year olds and how eager and polite they were to me and to each other. It's a good thing to keep our youth engaged in kinetic activities lest they stray to the streets. We owe them that.

                      I had all of 20 minutes to grab these photographs, but it was worth the hustle.