Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Faces of Fire

Honor Your Hometown Heroes

When we started this year long project the guys down at the station thought "another photo shoot ? Why do we need another photo shoot ?" But my trusty liaison downtown, the Fire Departments Publicist, Ellis Thompson-Ellis, understood what we were going for and knew that it wasn't going to be another line-em up school portrait style and shoot 'em kinda deal.

I had something else in mind.

We wanted to photograph all of the specialized teams in all of the stations - ending up being fifteen teams in total. Three teams for each of five stations. I wanted to show the seriousness and the unit mentality or Brotherhood of the teams and the grit of the Fire Fighters individually.

As we completed editing on each of the shoots I would post a shot here and there on Facebook, where I was slowly making friends in the First Responder community. Wives and Moms and some of the fire fighters themselves. Slowly, the guys started seeing what I wanted to do...and why. 

I soon had the undivided attention of the crews whenever I showed up to shoot.

I wanted to honor these men for what they do for our community and give a shout out to all First Responders in all communities everywhere.

Thank you !